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Product Development

The lubricant research and development facilities are staffed with scientists and technicians that are currently active members, speakers and trainers for NLGI, STLE, SAE, ASTM and NORIA.

The combined experience level in research, product development and testing exceeds that of direct competitors and rivals that of large multi-national petroleum companies.

Product development begins with direct interaction with our customers’ maintenance and
engineering departments, we listen and identify failure sources as they relate to lubrication. Our research scientists formulate and develop products to reduce or eliminate these failure sources.

Each product is tested and approved for use prior to commercialization. Any product that is approved for use must exceed our customers’ expectations and last 2 to 10 times longer than other available products. Many of these lubricants are also formulated to replace multiple products allowing customers to save money and confusion by consolidating inventory.

Quality Control

Raw material suppliers are qualified on their ability to supply product that meets our quality, cost, service and quantity requirements. All raw materials are tested for quality on every shipment. In addition, all suppliers are evaluated on a quarterly basis. If they do not receive an acceptable rating, they are contacted for corrective action. If corrective action is not applied, the supplier relationship is terminated and the supplier must petition for participation.

Every batch of product is thoroughly tested in our quality assurance lab before it is approved for shipment to our customers.

In addition, Certified monitors package, fill, and distribution by lot number. This information is recorded in an audit trail which is used to verify accuracy. Bills of ladings are used to check orders prior to shipment and they are signed by the distribution facility, the driver, and the customer.

Certified tracks all customer comments and complaints. We also receive input from our field representatives and phone representatives.

Customers are surveyed on a regular basis and all of this information is used for continuous improvement.