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Aerosol & Specialty Lubes


Aluminum Complex NLGI #2 Aerosol Grease

Our heavy-duty performance construction equipment grease for use where you need a #2 grease but have no grease fittings. Same properties as bulk PREMALUBE RED. Sprays like an aerosol, sets to a #2 grease!.


Calcium Sulfonate Aerosol Grease

Extreme performance grease - sprays like an aerosol sets to a #2 grease! Recommended for marine applications.

MISTOIL™ Aerosol, M/M

High Quality Lubricating Oil

Excellent general lubricant to reduce friction, wear, and noise on fine parts, equipment, and mechanisms.

HI-GEAR™ 20/20

Synthetic Lithium Complex Open-Gear Grease

Cleaner non-staining base stays in place, provides protection against rust and corrosion while forming a protective barrier cushioning impact in-between meshing gears. Available in caulking tubes and bulk.

LUBE-TRAC® Aerosol

Aerosol Open-Gear Lubricant

Super-tacky formula forms a strong adhesive film immediately upon application to eliminate bare spots on gears. Contains Moly-Z™ for solid film lubrication even when all oil is forced out. Effective up to 250°F.

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