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Aerosol & Specialty Lubes


Sprayable Open-Gear Lubricant

Sprayable Moly-CR™ open-gear lubricant prolongs equipment life by protecting against extreme pressure, rust, and corrosion. Strong adhesion ensures even coverage, maximum protection, and prevents water washout. Effective up to 200°F intermittently. Available in bulk only.

FREE® with MOLY Aerosol

Penetrant and Release Agent

The best penetrant and release agent on the market! Works immediately to penetrate rust, grease, sludge, and corrosion. Penetrates deeply to free even countersunk bolts. Leaves a long-lasting moly film to prevent rust and seizure of parts.


Penetrant and Release Agent

Formula loosens rusted bolts, nuts, and fittings in seconds, preventing breakage. Protects against future rust, corrosion, and wear, leaving nuts and bolts in reusable condition. This product is not classified as a flammable or extremely flammable aerosol under regulation 16 CFR Part 1500.45.

ANDROIL™ Aerosol, M/M

H1, Food-Grade Machinery Oil

Simply a better general purpose lubricant for food processing and industrial applications. Quickly penetrates into chains, cables, and other hard to reach areas.

RESOLVE™ Aerosol

NSF H1, Food-Grade Lubricant

Thin, clear lubricant film that won’t sling off or break down even in water, steam, or under heavy loads.

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