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Industrial Cleaning

SAF-SOL® 20/20

Ready-to-use Electrical Solvent Degreaser

Recommended for removing oil and grease from metal surfaces and electric motors and for de-waxing bread wrapping equipment. SAF-SOL 20/20 is an excellent replacement for 1,1,1-trichloroethane. Has a higher flash point than petroleum solvents or naphthas.


Ready-to-use Solvent Degreaser

Penetrates and dissolves tough grease and soils from hard-to-reach parts and energized equipment. For use on all energized equipment and industrial applications.


Electric Equipment and Motor Cleaner

Recommended for removing oil, grease, carbon, dust, and other contaminants from electrical systems such as electrical control panels, breaker boxes, circuit breakers, generators, switches, relays, contacts, terminals, and most other industrial electrical equipment.

HI-POWER™ 20/20

Non-Flammable Brake Cleaner

Fast acting formula, penetrates grease, grime, and asbestos dust to clean brakes, brake drums, and brake disks effectively.


Shop-size towels that clean and degrease tools, equipment and work surfaces, leaving a clean surface. Suitable for use on most metallic and non-metallic surfaces for fast and economical removal of dirt, grime, oil and grease deposits, water-based inks, wax, and soap scum.

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