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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Heavy-Duty Sprayers

One and two gallon sizes available. Chemical resistant, heavy-duty, lightweight plastic compressed air sprayer that can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used to spray any product compatible with the sprayers composition.

Maxi-Blaster™ II

Chemical resistant 2.5 gallon, heavy-duty compressed air sprayer. The seals are made of Viton for extreme chemical resistance.


2 quart, air pressurized, portable sprayer for all of our water-based detergents, herbicides, coil cleaners, and certain solvents.

Spray Power™

Multi-ratio head has 5 settings which offer dilution ratios of 1:128, 1:64, 1:32,1:20, and 1:10. The foam wand increases surface contact. It has a capacity of 1/2 gallon to minimize product refills.

Sure Shot®* Chrome Sprayer

Holds up to 32 fluid ounces!Has a brass interior and can be used with solvent- or water-based products.

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