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Advanced Synthetic Safety Solvent

Non-flammable heavy-duty synthetic solution with fresh citrus scent and >200ºF Flash Point. Designed for use in industrial or manufacturing plants, automotive, commercial, and construction industries. Contains no chlorinated or fluorinated compounds. Will NOT contribute to your hazardous waste stream*; contains no hazardous waste constituents as listed under RCRA. **


Water-Based Parts Washing Solution

Designed to have superior cleaning action and comply with the toughest VOC regulations! Provides deep penetrating power to remove heavy grease, oil, and dirt. Can be heated for increased cleaning power. Contains anti-corrosion additives to help ensure long equipment life.


Granular Jet Washing Detergent

Low foaming, heavy-duty cleaning and de-carbonizing detergent specifically designed for use in heated jet washing systems for cleaning all types of metals, ceramic, and plastic.


Aqueous Jet Washing Degreaser

Liquid low foaming, heavy-duty cleaning and de-carbonizing detergent with no VOCs. It is free rinsing and non-clogging, and is safe on most metal and painted parts.


Silicone-Based De-foamer

Water-based de-foamer for jet washers or spray cabinets for use in any water-based machine. Can be used as an antifoam agent to reduce and suppress foam in jet washers or spray cabinets.

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