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Bio-based Safety Solvent

0% VOC formula for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Powerful formula that penetrates through the thickest, toughest grease, oil, and other hard-to-clean soils. Nonflammable, noncombustible per OSHA and DOT — Flash point of > 266ºF. Will NOT contribute to your hazardous waste stream*; contains no hazardous waste constituents as listed under RCRA. To be used in S730 partswasher.


Granular Hot Tank Degreaser

Highly alkaline product designed to remove rust, corrosion, grease, oil, and paint from all ferrous metals. Not for use with white metals, brass, aluminum, magnesium, or bronze.


Cold Tank Degreaser

Two-layer formula removes grease, carbon, gums or paint are to be removed by the immersion method from all metal parts and assemblies, do not leave non ferrous metals in solution more than 24 hours. Use undiluted to soften soils and follow with high pressure rinse with water or solvent.

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