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Industrial Cleaning


Moisture Displacer for Electrical Equipment

Has a unique protective coating that seals out moisture, salt air, water, corrosive fumes, and ammonia, leaving behind an effective lubricating film that inhibits corrosion.

SAV-IT™ Aerosol

Battery Cleaner and Protector

Guards against future corrosion and neutralizes acid. Dries to a wax-like protective coating, protects and gives longer battery life under severe atmospheric and corrosive conditions.


Brake Parts Cleaner

No Flash Point formulation removes brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants from all brake components. It dries residue-free, leaving no trace to cause squeaking, abrasion, or uneven brake wear.

DYLEK™ NF Aerosol

Electrical Cleaner and Degreaser

No flash point formula cleans and degreases any electrical and electronic equipment; it quickly dissolves and flushes away grease, oil, and soils without disassembly.

SAF-SOL™ 20/20 Aerosol

Heavy-Duty Industrial Solvent Degreaser

Chlorinated, no flash point formula dissolves tough grease and soils from hard-to-reach parts and running equipment. For use on all energized equipment and industrial applications.

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