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Industrial Cleaning


Electric Motor and Machinery Cleaner

Chlorinated, no flash formula penetrates and dissolves tough grease and soils from hard-to-reach parts and energized equipment.  For use on all energized equipment and industrial applications, has a dielectric strength of 20,000 volts.

SOL PLUS™ II Aerosol

Electric Motor Cleaner

Recommended for cleaning and degreasing electric motors such as small power hand tools, conveyors, car lifts, elevators, air condensers, printing machines, drill presses, sewing machines, exhaust fans, pumps, and other industrial electrical equipment.


Electric Motor and Machinery Cleaner

Non-chlorinated, no flash point formula cleans the toughest grease, grime, and oil on equipment, parts, machinery, metal surfaces, and electric motors.


Electrical Equipment Cleaner

Recommended for removing oil, grease, carbon dust, and other contaminants from electrical systems.  Great on electrical equipment such as electrical control panels, breaker boxes, circuit breakers, armatures, generators, switches, relays, contacts, terminals, and most other industrial equipment.

AQUA-SOL® 20/20

Heavy-duty Water-Soluble Industrial Solvent

Not recommended for steam cleaning. Nonphosphate, nonbutyl, noncorrosive cleaner and degreaser that handles many different cleaning jobs. It quickly cleans equipment, walls, and floors.  Its effective cleaning action works on metal, plastic, rubber, concrete, and most other water-safe surfaces. *This product is available for marine, fleet, concrete floors, industrial, and food plant use.

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