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Industrial Cleaning


Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

SPR-50 contains powerful cleaning agents that combine with the impact action and the heat of high-pressure steam cleaning to quickly penetrate, loosen, and wash away hardened deposits from metal and concrete surfaces.


General Purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated detergent cleaner that eliminates rinsing at higher dilutions. Certified as a release agent for many state and local agencies. It contains no acid, ammonia, or free alkali.


Release Agent

Specially formulated to spray on truck beds and shovels to prevent asphalt from sticking. Can be used straight or diluted with water. It will not damage seals on pump-up sprayers. Contains biodegradable surfactants. Contains no corrosive ingredients, soap, acid, ammonia, or free alkali.


A chemical compound that reacts with the alkali from concrete to produce a concrete-repellent coating. Concentrated to dilute with water, lowers cleanup costs, reduces the need for chipping and sandblasting, and will not stain, darken, or weaken concrete.

See GRRR™ and CERTISUDS™ under water-based cleaners and degreasers


Metal Conditioning Compound

Safe on all metals. This special compound of solvents, detergents, and acids degreases, cleans soils, and removes oxides. Excellent for cleaning metal surfaces before painting or brazing. It will remove all metal oxides and help produce tighter joints between pipes and other surfaces.

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