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Industrial Cleaning


Chemical Cleaner

Removes rust and corrosion on metal, machinery, or parts and is harmless on most paints and finishes.  Not recommended for non-ferrous metals.


Chemical Cleaner and Descaler

Acid cleaner that removes lime and scale deposits from ready-mixed concrete trucks, concrete forms, and equipment associated with the cement and concrete block industry. Not recommended for non-ferrous metals.


Non-acid Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener

Powerful alkaline brightener for aluminum trailers and air conditioner coils that eliminates the risk of acid attack on aluminum. It is less harmful to equipment than acid-type aluminum brighteners and it works quickly in 3 to 5 minutes. It has a unique foaming action that allows product to cling to vertical surfaces.


Liquid Car Wash

Specially formulated to protect finishes as it cleans. It instantly removes grease, bugs, oil, tree sap, gas stains, and road film. It will not harm decals, hand lettering, plastic, or vinyl. Can be used in all types of washing systems, hand washing, pressure washing, and power washing.


Powdered Vehicle Wash

An easy to use powdered wash that cuts through tough oils, greases, dirt, scum, and mud deposits. Contains no harmful lye. Won't attack paints or finishes. Effective in hard or soft water, and leaves no white, powdery film. Contains biodegradable surfactants.

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