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Industrial Cleaning

AQUA-SOL® EF Aerosol

Heavy-Duty, Re-Emulsifying Stripper and Degreaser

Non-butyl formulation quickly cleans carbon, creosote, dye, grease, grime, mildew stains, oil, soot, wax, and other stubborn soils. Leaves no oily residue or film.

CUT-THRU™ EF Aerosol

Multi-Purpose Remover

Natural solvent-based formula blended with advanced surfactants and penetrants that quickly liquefy grease, tar, ink, wax, and graffiti.


Foaming Orange Oil Degreaser

Suitable for removing grease and grime from walls, tile and grout, all metals, concrete, masonry, baseboards, fixtures, machinery and equipment, and many painted surfaces!.

KLAW™ Aerosol

Thickened Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

Heavy-duty thickened cleaner and degreaser. Its unique thickened formula allows it to penetrate through and release the toughest soils. Cleans and degreases road tar, grease, oil, and asphalt on engines and industrial equipment.

NF-2000™ Aerosol

Heavy-Duty Industrial Solvent Degreaser

Chlorinated formula with no flash point requires no disassembly or equipment shutdown, fast evaporating, dielectric strength of 20,000 volts, and it leaves no residue.

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