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Industrial Oils

NSF General Purpose Lubricant, ANSI/NSF 60

NSF Lubricant specifically formulated to withstand decomposition while protecting against rust and oxidation.

(5W-20, 10W-40) Zinc Free Hydraulic, Turbine, & Bearing Oil

Excellent lubricant for hand-oiled or reservoir-fed machines, motors, bearings, chains, and many other applications.

Heat Transfer Oil

Heavy-duty heat transfer oil specifically designed for use in circulating hot oil systems.

S.O.C.™ 10
ISO 10 Spindle Oil

Low viscosity oil suitable for lubrication of machine spindles rotating in excess of 3,600 rpm.

Way Lubricant (ISO 68 & 220)

These way lubricants are compounded with additives to improve film strength, reduce the coefficient of friction, and assure adhesion to machine tool slideways.

MULTOIL™ 10W40 & 5W20
Industrial-Grade General-Purpose Lubricant

This product contains a special "moly" additive that protects against friction and wear. This special additive assures longer lubricant life and provides better protection of metal surfaces from stress and wear. It helps prevent rust, prevents sludging and inhibits oxidation. This multi-purpose lubricant has a temperature range from -30°F to 320°F.

Spindle Oil

This low-viscosity spindle oil is suitable for lubrication of machine spindles rotating in excess of 3,600 rpms. It is a highly refined oil and is additive-treated to resist oxidation and foaming. It protects spindles against rusting in the presence of moisture. Meets the requirements of International Standards Organization (ISO) viscosity grade 10

Lubricating Oil - H1 and 3H

Recommended for high-pressure hydraulic systems in food processing, canning, bottling and air line lubrication. This lubricant provides excellent wear, rust and oxidation protection. FLOWLUBE is a food-grade lubricant designed specifically for food processing equipment.