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Independent Oil Analysis

A World-Class Oil Analysis Program Designed for Increased Reliability

  • Results are Completed within 24 Hours of
    Sample Receipt
  • Test Results Include 20 Wear Metals, Additives and Contaminants, Viscosity, Water, Particles* and TAN/TBN
  • Results are available inmediately on the web.
    Critical and abnormal results are color coded for immediate attention.
  • Results are Clear and Concise with
    Specific Recommendations and Trend data

ALS Staveley’s World Class Oil Analysis
Standard Kit Includes

Elemental Analysis (wear metals,
contaminants, oil additives)
Oil Condition (viscosity, TBN/TAN)
Contamination Analysis (water, fuel,
anti-freeze, oxidation products, soot)

Advanced Particle Analysis Kit Includes
Same Tests as the Standard Kit
*ISO 4406 (MTD) Particle Count from
4 to 15 microns