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Value Added Services

Certified’s staff of highly trained local representatives and application engineers are uniquely equipped to offer value added services that help drive down overall costs and increase productivity


Oil Analysis
80% of maintenance technicians change oil too early or too late. Changing oil too early wastes money on oil, filters, and labor. Changing oil too late can lead to deposit build-up and costly equipment repairs. The best way to determine when to accurately change oil is through oil analysis.

Fuel Analysis
Providing the best lubricants and delivering unmatched customer service is the first step in the long process of developing a reliability partnership with our customers. In order to sustain our partnership, we annually report the value and savings that have occurred during each year. This service provides peace-of-mind for our customers and drives us to diligently continue our mission of providing increased value.

Lubrication Plant Survey
Identifies opportunities to reduce lubricant consumption, consolidate lubricant inventory, reduce parts repair and replacement costs, and lower lubricant related downtime.

Equipment Reliability Proposal
Based on the plant survey, a detailed report is provided with specific recommendations for increased equipment reliability and projected cost savings.

Case Study & Cost Savings Results
A case study documents actual savings by measuring energy consumption, operating temperature, line pressure, and system wear on selected equipment before and after purging the system, and adding advanced performance lubricants.

Value Recognition Report
A Value Recognition Report (VRR) will be provided each year that documents actual savings generated by using LubeMaster™ products and services. The average savings realized in the first 12 months alone is over 20%!

On-Site Reliability Audits
LubeMaster™ supports “Continuous Improvement” by performing on-site reliability audits each year to identify and implement additional lubricant related cost savings.

LubeMaster™ Equipment Maintenance Management Application
Web-based proactive maintenance software that is perfect for organizing, monitoring, analyzing, and scheduling maintenance.