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Aerosol & Specialty Lubes


Molybdenum Disulfide Dry Lubricant

Long lasting moly lubricant spray that withstands heavy loads and pressures. Dries to a non-transferable lubricant that protects against moisture, abrasive particles, rust, and corrosion. Effective up to 750°F.


Slide Table Lubricant

Double action formula – cleans as it lubricates.

SLIP™ Aerosol

Aerosol Silicone Lubricant and Mold Release

The lubricant aerosol and mold release which waterproofs, rustproofs, and preserves a variety of materials.

T-LUBE™ PLUS Aerosol

Dry Film Lubricant and Release Agent With PTFE

Excellent lubricant and release agent for a variety of uses where a smooth, quick drying, slick surface is needed. Effective up to 500°F.

NP-1™ Aerosol

Clear Gel Lubricant

Ultra-versatile heavy-duty clear gel penetrates and lubricates.

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